RobertBailey UC Berkeley
Robert Bailey UC Berkeley

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley Responds to the Corona Virus Outbreak

BERKELEY, CA, USA, June 5, 2020 /– Years in Singapore gives him a unique perspective on the culture surrounding the virus

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley former director of admissions is very familiar with Southeast Asia. Before coming to Berkeley he spent many years traveling in Southeast Asia and had many trips to China.

It is believed the Coronavirus that is currently infesting every nation in the world, began in Wuhan. Robert Bailey UC Berkely believes the popularity of exotic meat in the Wuhan area may have been the breeding ground for the virus.

“It (Coronavirus) was first discovered in a local wholesale food market,” Robert Bailey said.

Wuhan was also the starting point of the SARS epidemic that started in 2003. This was two years after Robert Bailey UC Berkeley had left Singapore to begin working in British Columbia, Canada.

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley has been an administrator all over the world and has long been interested in making college registration efficient and easy for students.

Wuhan is a historic city that has a 350-year-old Guiyuan Temple and a pagoda-like yellow crane tower. But Robert Bailey notes that it is also an important education city as well. It has53 universities, and the largest one, Wuhan University, has 60,000 students.

While the virus has faded some in China, Robert Bailey UC Berkeley is interested in how those universities will make the needed transition to electronic record keeping.

“How does a city that large, and that old, dating back as far as 1460 BC, keep their records, and move them into 2020?” he asks, somewhat rhetorically.
Robert Bailey UC Berkeley’s former registrar would naturally be interested in that question as he has more than 20 years of experience in records management. That experience has involved innovation that has followed Robert Bailey UC Berkeley through the years.

While director of Registration at the University of Oklahoma he identified a single site for registration. Thie eliminated long lines during registration which was the traditional method at the time. In addition, he was able to implement a system that cut grading and reporting time for instructors, which allowed students to get their grades and reports faster.

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley former director was also in Singapore for eight years doing similar work.

“I served as the dean of American College, the vice president for records at Transnational, and as a senior lecturer for Temasek Polytechnic in its information studies program,” said Robert Bailey UC Berkeley former registrar and director of admissions,
While stationed in Singapore he went to 33 countries and made many trips into China, but Robert Bailey UC Berkeley said he does not remember hearing much about the city at that time.

“Now,”  Robert Bailey UC Berkeley former director said, “Wuhan is in the news worldwide; the historical city has become ground zero of the new coronavirus outbreak.”

He would like to go there at some point in the future, and he still has some connections in Singapore that could help him make that happen. Robert Bailey UC Berkeley said he would wait until the medical crisis settles down before making such a trip.

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