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About Robert Bailey UC Berkeley

Dr. Robert L. Bailey, CRM,MIT,ECMp, IGP, NARA and Essential Records Certified

Dr. Bailey is a highly experienced best practices and successful records consultant and administrator. He produces deliverables on time and under budget.

He has an earned doctorate in administration and has obtained the Professional designation of Certified Records Manager. (CRM) He has FEMA Essential Records Certification. He has obtained the Enterprise Content Management certification (ECMp) and has rolled out four such systems. (Filenet, Laserfiche, HP Trim and Documentum).

Clark County has selected Open Text as their ECM System and I have participated in that roll-out activity as well as attended several local Open Text workshops.

I am working with the Migration Solution. Barrenechea’s e-Government or Out of Government text is essential read for Open Text users. He has a master’s degree in Information Management. (IM) He has over 20 years’ experience in both domestic and international records management consulting. He has worked as a records management vendor and records manager.

He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, numerous seminars and workshops in records management. He has worked for federal, state, city and private enterprise organizations and institutions.

He has experience in paper, film and electronic document management and appropriate Enterprise software. He is active in both ICRM, ARMA and AIIM and has published in the records management journals.

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